Owner’s story: My mother died when I was five years old and growing up always watched others either talk lovingly about their mom or complain about her… I dreaded mother’s day each year as I watched others choose cards, gifts and flowers for their mom.  Every mother’s day was sad for me and I thought I would give anything to spend one day with my mom and see what kind of person she was and what her hugs would feel like.

I missed having her comforting presence especially when I had my own kids.  My three boys make mother’s day so much better and I now look forward to having them around for support.

Dont take your mother for granted … one day she wont be around and you will miss her so much…

Let her know how special she is.

Cheers to all the mothers!

Bearta, Owner of Petale


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Pre-order prices are listed on the specials tab in the menu! pre-order today, prices are subject to change!